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<p>connection. Solid wood furniture generally use riveted structure, is not very good disassembly. Note that some of the solid wood furniture in order to save freight, with the demolition of the structure, it is also connected to the hardware. 2, the product of the foot If you look at the side of the product, the product side like a wall, that is basically the plate. Common is the desk. But there are solid wood furniture feet line. It is not a smooth wall, and if it is the same as the </p>
<p>chair's foot, it is the frame of the solid wood. 3, veneer if it is plate, then, in general, their veneer grain is basically a regular repetition. Of course, there are intentions of the manufacturers, deliberately disguised veneer, irregular paste together. Solid wood, then, is unlikely to be repeated rules of grain. 4, scars plate furniture veneer is unlikely to have scarring, especially the big scar. Solid wood furniture, then more or less, large and small, there are some scarred. 5, </p>
<p>cross-section panel furniture cross-section, there is no wood of the ring, and the board is the direction of the grain to the direction of the lines. Solid wood furniture cross section, there is a wood of the ring, if you see a ring of furniture, that is solid wood, at least you see the piece of wood is solid wood and if the cross section is the same as the dictionary 6, the front and back lines are the corresponding plate and solid wood to see the corresponding lines, if it is solid </p>
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